Anyone can carry out simple searches without logging in. If you want to do more advanced searches you will need to register and log in.

You can search the Global Register by

  • ISBN prefix (the first three of the five components of the ISBN). Please be aware that in searching by ISBN prefix you will return all records whose prefix contains the string of digits you have searched for. Thus a search on a string of digits that forms a full, valid ISBN prefix (e.g. 978-0-19) will not only return this record but all other valid prefixes containing that string (e.g. 978-0-9780191)
  • complete ISBN (some small publishers are allocated single ISBNs and not full prefix blocks)
  • publisher name
  • other criteria such as address, country or agency

When searching by country or by agency, please note that an option will only be available for selection if there are records associated with that agency/country present in the database. Countries or agencies for which there is no data cannot be selected,

For further information about the structure of an ISBN, click here

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